Streamlier c-16

Two men, a father and his son, both possess an intense loveand talent for machines, propulsion, engines, and racing. They bond over their shared affection for vintage race cars, seeking to create unforgettable and thrilling experiences. Their passion motivates them to craft pre-war race cars by hand that surpass each previous model in speed, power, and beauty, leaving them yearning to recreate and share those remarkable moments. The Streamliner C-16 an award-winning first of its kind straight 16cyl. powered streamliner… we call it "recreating history".


Glenn and Kalle Billqvist next big challenge will be the Aeroliner M-27 project, inspired by the 1935 Auto Union Type B «Lucca». Partnering with Coast Classics from Spain and Verktygsboden / Pela Tools from Sweden, the aluminium-bodied M-27 will feature a 27-liter Rolls Royce Meteor V12 engine. The actual construction starts in 2024, with a unveiling at the Kilometer Lancé event 2026, and yes "recreating history" continues.


Drawing inspiration from the iconic Mercedes W25 driven by Rudolf Caracciola in the 1934-35 era, the Glennster S-12 pays homage to the golden age of racing.

The chassis boasts the elegance of a Buick 1928, while under the hood roars the heart of a Lincoln Zephyr V12 from 1939-40, complete with the added power of a Marshall Supercharger 200K. His sleek and handcrafted aluminium body adds an extra touch of sophistication.

II Drago Ruggente

A unique endeavour to build a classic high-speed racer reminiscent of the 1930s, featuring a 27-liter V12 engine with impressive power and history. Glenn's desire for
vintage sports car rooted in teenage fascination led to the pursuit of a dream 20-30s sports car, characterized by a pointed rear.

The journey unfolded over years. A 1920s French Amilcar purchase marked the start of involvement in Historic Racing.